Display times for 2023

Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October


Admission Free, Donations Requested.


Lime Walk, Chelmsford CM2 9NJ 

The Story Of

Ravenskull Manor


As visitors to the Manor may have seen, there was a story leading you around the scenes that you came across. Some people missed them, so the whole story is produced here.


Beware traveller, before you start

Here stood a manor with a truly black heart

For the Sable-blacks, a doctor and his wife

Did all sorts of surgery using more than a knife


Her beauty it’s said was beyond compare

But with age she’d lose it, which neither could bare

So working with dark rituals into the night

To crack the secret of youth was their fight


But nothing worked until a cut caused a bleed

And into the potion red liquid did feed

She grasped it, swirled it and looked deep inside

Could the answer in her hand now reside?


A large mouthful she did swallow

And magical transformation did follow

However it was short lived and age returned

But the Doctor was excited by what he had learned


In the lab he consults a dark book

For his need for blood, a dark plan he did cook

Unwary travellers could fulfil his need

as long as the rumours they would fail to heed


In the Gallery he’d offer them a show

then to the dinning room they would go

All sat at the table for something to eat

Never seeing the peril at their feet


Those who escape, to the laboratory fled

Where the Doctor ensured each one was bled

In cages stored, locked behind bars

until their blood would fill up the jars


It all went wrong, never use a dark spell

The house was cursed and eventually fell

But every so often, on the right day

At Halloween, they come back to play.


The Gallery


Enter here, this cursed room,

It time for you to face your doom

A black wedding from the darkest dream

For this was the time of the first scream


The Dining Room


Be our guest, the tables laid

Come draw closer, don’t be afraid

But remain as quiet as you are able

And never ever look under the table!


The Laboratory


The Doctors at work, Hear the scream

Another traveller who no more will be seen

More containers of blood he will fill

to find a potion to youths secret is his will


The Twist


Foolish Doctor Black, brewing potions with all his might

And Invoking practices that belong to the night

Not all of the result were healthy, it was said

For the twist you see, his wife was now dead.



The Curse and Fall


When nature’s laws you seek to bend

Be sure and know she’ll make amends

For threefold shall your deeds return

And by dragons breath, all shall burn


Pumpkin Patch


You are almost there, nearly out

but there’s time for one more shout

They think they’re funny, this silly batch

time to pass through the Pumpkin Patch!